6A Boys Wrestling Championships

Man, talk about an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend. Ups and downs for girls, ups and downs for boys. However, we are all proud of our guys and their finishes at the state tournament. We brought 10 boys down to the tournament where nine won at least one match. five of our qualifiers were seniors which means we return wifth five wrestlers who have won a match at state going into next year, which is great momentum in early tournaments. After a great first round, the quarterfinals and semifi-nals were not the kindest to the Blazers as all qualifiers ended up on the backside headed into day two. We knew that we had to do some damage to bring home medals like we wanted. Everyone except Ty and Alonzo had to win two matches in a row on Saturday to earn a medal. We ended up dropping three more wrestlers in that opening round, leaving six left for medals as we headed into the “blood round” aptly named for it being an intense round of either medal or go home. We went an amazing 4/4 in the blood round medaling all six of the remaining wrestlers. Therron Meade, Kasen Smith, and Roman Clouse all earned their first state medals during this round. Overall, I think it was a good tournament as we finished 9th in team standings and reached a school record six medalists. Three of which return to us next season. Ty Hammers was our highest placer taking 3rd place! A special shoutout to the managers for all the hard work they put in this season as they are truly irreplaceable, and Bobbi Smith who helped put food together for all of our wrestlers for every tournament and match day during the season! Without the support of the Blazer community, this year wouldn’t have been as successful.

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