A new type of socialization time

As that child of the 60’s if you wanted to play with friends or neighbor kids you got on your bike and rode by their house till they noticed you. We didn’t have play dates or organized activities other than baseball.

Once you got older the idea remained the same. Only the vehicle changed. You cruised by their house in your car or your family car till they noticed and came outside.

When you are grown and kids have flown the nest; women take up quilting or crafting.They go to church groups or volunteer to be social. Men seem to watch sports and or build things.

I talk to my daughter almost every day.We talk on her way home from work. Hands free in her car. I think she got tired of my winter ranting of cold, more cold and being stuck inside. I believe she said something about finding social activities. I had decided that 2023 was going to be the year of “ this is something I haven’t done before.”

Sowhenafriend-classmate sent out an email about a survivor group competition, I thought hummm why not? Nine of us are cheering on, picked at random, survivor cast members. Two per player. I informed my daughter and my friend in Texas about my social interaction endeavor. They seemed glad I had made the effort.

We are all watching from our homes for now. The players are scattered over several states. There may be snacks and stuff at someone’s home at some point. But for now we have something to do. Something to watch and my daughter is happier, maybe. I know there are Survivors groups that meet every Wed for snacks socializing in houses everywhere. Some people have never missed an episode with friends.

I am keeping track of who goes home and in the end will see who wins. For now I am sitting in my chair in my home wearing my cozy slippers. Possibly even secretly glad when a player is voted out. We will see, as they say “the tribe has spoken.”