Letter to the editor

2/27/23 Dear Editor, This is in response to the comments from Gardner City Council member Baldwin to draining Gardner lake rather than do repairs and maintenance to Gardner Lake property. I assume if the lake was drained the city would still own what remained, which would be a mucky depression that could not be mowed, built on or used for anything for many years. In real life, ownership means maintenance and upkeep from time to time and sometimes the upkeep does not mean the cost of the maintenance will be recovered for a long time or maybe never. The job is done because it needed to be. Other times if the project is not done in a timely manner it costs becomes more later.

Second comment the Gardner City Councilman made was that it was like pulling teeth to get an agreement implying that the lake population is either difficult or impossible to work with because it took three years to get the sewer project accomplished. The 3 years is probably accurate, however it was a $10.5 million dollar project funded partially by a federal grant with the state’s involvement, and of course Johnson County Wastewater with planning that was endless. Through door to door public relations, many meetings to clear up the ins and outs of a new project, the length of time it took was due to the process rather than the lake population being hard to get along with. As I recall, there was only one lady who was not nice to work with. Usually, if things make sense the population at the lake can be a joy to work with.

If the city council wants to improve public relations with the lake population inaccurate and cute comments are not the answer.

The city fathers from yesteryears would be appalled to see the disinterest to take care of the property they sweat blood to establish.

There was some city discussion about the public shoreline being so small. The shoreline is important to the residents that have built here but I would say not too important to the general public mostly because boats are used in this day and age.

Sincerely, Quaintanceo Harold