All I Really wanted to do was make cupcakes

Winter Sunday afternoons are usually weekend chores, TV and a wild card, so to speak. The wild card usually says personal choice.

It was another gray dreary day. I decided to make some cupcakes, or a cake. I mean why not? Isn’t baking just naturally in our chromosomes?

First I need to clear my kitchen island. There were small kitchen appliances that needed homes in cupboards.

That was when all the trouble started. As I scanned the lower cabinets they were full. Full of things I no longer needed or could use. Things needed when cooking for 4 or more people. Things I moved here 8 years ago. One cabinet leads to a second then third.

The mental process goes like this. 1. Do you use this on a regular basis? No? Well then give it to a local charity. Use it once a year? Yes. Ok do you have more than one of these? Yes Donate all but one to charity. This process went on and on. How many skillets do you need? Not five.

Two hours later and three trashbags full of unneeded and un-donateable items. I still didn’t get the cupcakes baked.

The large turkey platter my dad gave me years ago is going to one of my kids. The other one is getting the hand crank cherry pitter. Things that shouldn’t have been moved, but I wasn’t ready to part with them at that time.

I have some really nice things for the local thrift store. I feel much better about my kitchen. I can now use the island counter. I can get out my big mixer and make my cupcakes.

Gray winter days give us time to reassess what we need, what we want and what we can actually keep.

I am looking forward to those cupcakes now.