Sports can reawaken your realization of life’s fragility

Football is just a game in my book. I watch the Chiefs. I watch them on TV whoever is playing. I root for the underdog mainly. Unless it is the home team.

While the football world was watching, a young man took a hit to the chest.

A hit that occurred by chance. It happened at the exact moment. The right or very wrong moment. The moment that would stop his heart.

This young man is in prime condition. He plays a sport that requires discipline, proper nutrition. Mostly exercise, exercise and more exercise. He plays in the heat, in the cold and all in-between.

Thank goodness the medical staff was there when he went down. Thank goodness they had trained people steps from where he fell. They have equipment designed to re start a heart that has failed. They have vehicles to get that man to a facility and be treated.

The world watched. The crowd was silent.

A family I know lost a child many years ago. He was playing summer baseball. He was hit by a ball. He died. We didn’t have all the technology available then that we have now. Hardly anyone knew CPR. First aid kits had cold packs and bandages. I was a very cruel, unpredictable accident.

I always wonder about the person who had thrown that ball or hit it with a bat. Did he wake up thinking about the other little boy? It was an accident.

Life can be fleeting. Life can be fun and frivolous. We say it all the time. We never know how long we have. We have to make the best of the time here.

If you are able get CPR trained. If you are at an event space. Take a look around. Do they have a defibrillator on site. Some places post where they are located.

That young football player was hit at the exact second, micro-second that the brain sent the electrical signal for the heart to beat.

It was an accident. He has survived. He will recover. I imagine he will never take his life for granted. Not after this.

We shouldn’t take our lives for granted either. Do good, be kind, make someone else’s life easier. Because you just never know when an accident can happen.