We sailed right through the holidays

We survived!

I am still getting wonderful books in my book club recommendations’. The latest one was Stud Muffin Santa. Let your imagination run wild on this one. I got a good laugh. No I didn’t buy it. Way too many Hallmark movies on the past 6 weeks. Didn’t need to read this.

I have noticed once again, I am getting notices for one of the other ladies who has my e mail address. Mine has a dot-period in the name, her’s doesn’t. We have gone round and round with this for about fifteen years. Google doesn’t help. I have contacted them and I honestly believe they are all computer bots.

So what happens is if an e mail with my name is accidentally sent to her, I never get it.

This is a problem when the email contains a receipt, or a warranty, or heaven forbid an invite to something I need desperately to attend. Of course the latter are few and far between.

You know when it happens. You check your spam and all the folders. It just isn’t there. You contact the sender. It gets resent. Still doesn’t arrive. I know somewhere this woman is laughing maniacally as she sends the message to the trash or her spam folder.

So years back I e mailed her and told her we had the same ( almost) e mail address. She never replied. It was basically a stand off. Since I believe I have had the address longer I won’t budge. I refuse to get a new e mail. I would have to let everyone know. It would be time consuming and just a pain the the foot.

There are other solutions, but no I am holding my ground..err my e mail.

You used to get notices for her church meetings. I forwarded them on to her. I gave that up. Now on occasion, I just reply with “ I can hardly wait! See you then!”

Yes that may be wrong on so many levels but the game is still on. She must be about my age and place in life. She isn’t going to budge either.

So if you e mail and I don’t respond, or if the replay sounds a little off then send me a text. I get that just fine. And Joan I know you aren’t reading this, but I am not giving up!