USD 231 approves new calendar for 2023-24 school year

Early release days for the next school year were approved at the Monday, March 6 school board meeting. The new school calendar was also released last week that includes the early release days.

The early release days will be on Wednesdays and parents will be asked to complete information during enrollment about their student’s after school plans from bus riding, car rides or needing to stay at school.

Planning purposes going forward will be for input from parents who will need extra planned supervision for their students, Christi Whittier, elementary education director, said.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Huff said they would be spending the next few years learning and growing together on professional learning development to “push each other along to authenticity.”

The educational services department will be hosting a community information night, March 29 at Gardner Edgerton High School to help parents.

Individual school meetings for the individual neighborhood communities will be held at the end of August.

Whittier and Heather Peeke, secondary education director, said they had received positive feedback from school staffs to help them plan logistics and flexibility.