Transport Brewery to open Gardner location in March

After delays, Transport Brewery has finally announced the opening of their second location in March.

Brewery owners and the operations director gave The Gardner News a sneak peak of the former Gardner Health Mart Pharmacy space at 131 E. Main Street.

Jason Lieb, Chamber of Commerce president, is part owner and said they are ready to get the beer tanks out, open and serve the Gardner community.

Christie Jackson, operations director, said Gardner is an untapped market for a beer loving community.

“There are a lot of people down here that want somewhere they can go to close to home,” she said.

Jackson said the brewery will continue their Shawnee location ideals of being a fun and inclusive place for family and friends. Gardner reminds them of the same feeling Shawnee has provided them.

“If you put out a good beer and welcome environment you will be accepted,” she said.

Jackson said they are excited to partner with area businesses, organi-zations, non-profits and charities, grow together with the community and bring new activity to downtown Gardner.

When asked about being the second brewery to open in Gardner after Exbeeriment, 925 E. Lincoln Lane, opened during the pandemic in August 2020, Jackson said breweries do not see each other as competition but love to collaborate with each other.

“Breweries want to see each other thrive,” she said.

Jackson said they want Transport to be a destination that Gardner residents do not have to travel far from home to enjoy a night out.

The location downtown in the old pharmacy was perfect with its proximity to the Ash and Anvil cigar bar and Groundhouse Coffee, she said and the area promotes a family friendly atmosphere for relaxation away from the daily “hustle and bustle.”

Jackson said it was natural for them to open their second location in the old pharmacy building on Main Street.

“Sam was just lovely,” she said about the former pharmacy owner Sam Boyajian who opened the pharmacy in 1997. “It was natural to have the space. It was a draw to open there. Sam is protective of the community. He took good care of the space. He has the same morals and values that we do.”

Jackson said they want to maintain the integrity and history of the building. They are keeping the original brick inside from the former Mexican restaurant that preceded the pharmacy, old pharmacy bottles a 75 year old map of Gardner and more.

“We are doing what we can to restore the building,” she said. “It all ties in to how proud we are to be here.”

Jackson said they will be brewing beer in both locations Shawnee and Gardner. They will also be offering other options such as wine, cider, non-alcoholic beverages and soda. They will have patios on both sides of the building.

Transport Brewery opened on Johnson Drive in Shawnee as Shawnee’s first brewery in 2019.

Transport Brewery’s exciting news is their partnership with local food truck Smoke-n-Seoul. The bbq/Korean fusion food truck has a huge, loyal following in town. They will be operating the kitchen inside the back of the brewery with a pickup window for people to enjoy their food with the brewery’s beverages.

“We knew they had a draw,” Jackson said. “We know beer, but we do not know a kitchen. We share the same goals. The food speaks for itself. It is the best food. So many people want it all the time. It is a big win for us.”

Greg Stears, Smoken- Seoul owner, said they had a relationship with the brewery for awhile.

“Combing forces made sense,” he said.

Stears said they are excited and will have the same menu as their food truck they began in 2019.

“We will mostly be more consistent, but have fun specials,” he said.

Stears said they are excited because they live in Gardner.

“It is something in town with different options,” he said. “It is fulfilling for me.”

Jackson said they are good at promoting the staff they have but will be hiring qualified bar-tenders of 21 years of age and up.

While the downtown Shawnee, Kansas location was perfect for them, she said it didn’t offer them any opportunities for growth and expansion, and it has become more difficult.

Jackson said even though the Aztec Theater has been an amazing, most welcoming and kind neighbor they are sandwiched between them and the new District and Pour Tap House that is moving in.

“We wanted to grow, make beer and service more customers,” she said. “We needed an additional location. We always had a lot of hands in the pot with lots of ideas. Gardner was unanimous especially after talking to Sam.”

Jackson said having the City of Gardner and Chamber support them was “huge”.

Dogs are welcome, and she said it is an inclusive, safe environment to have fun.

Lieb said their success is built around the community.

“We want to be that place that feels like a second home,” he said.

Lieb said they are different but don’t know how, and the second location will have different regulars, more outdoor space and be its own group.

Transport Brewery will brew the same beers as their Shawnee location but hopes to have a Bierdegard style beer to pay homage to the City of Gardner. They will have 24 taps of freshly brewed craft beers, a dedicated slow pour line and permanent cask ales. The Gardner location will have a 10 barrel brewing system.

Stears said the brewery and partnership with his food truck provides something Gardner doesn’t have.

“It has lots of charm,” he said. “It needs to be built up. We have that small town charm and there is lots of potential.”

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