Edgerton recaps their parks and rec department successes

Brittany Paddox celebrated her first year as Edgerton’s parks and rec, recreation coordinator.

“We have seen attendance numbers grow coming out of the pandemic,” she said.

Paddox said the number of attendees between adults and kids was about even with a total of 6,575 people participating in activities.

“We grew our summer attendance 50 percent,” she said.

Paddox said some of their most popular and successful events were the Senior Lunches with an average of 30 to 40 attendees per lunch, Animal Wonders series with reptiles and amphibians being the biggest hit, Tales for Tots, the Meat Inferno, Leprechaun Hunt which was surprising, Kids Night Out and Cyclones in the Outfield.

The city received lots of compliments on the Meat Inferno event, she said.

“It was a lot of fun,” she said. “We had more than the average amount of teams and went pretty high for that.”

Paddox said she looks forward to continue growing programs especially the programs for the teenage youth.

Bill Malloy, city council member, said he wanted to know what types of activities the parks and rec department was looking at to engage teenagers.

Paddox said they were looking at crafts, cooking and more.

“It’s definitely harder,” she said. “Thank you everyone who makes it all happen.”

Edgerton’s park and recs department had 79 programs in 2022 with events, partnership events, family, youth, senior and adult.

Paddox said other programs they would like to expand for 2023 besides the teen youth programs are Meat Inferno, family programs, senior programs, out of school programs, crafting classes, cooking classes and fitness classes.

Their next event is the Sweetheart Boogie on February 10 at City Hall. It is a Valentine themed dance for any child and adult.