Gardner Gold Special Olympics hosts red carpet event

Gardner Gold kids came dressed to the nines for their first “glam” event at Warren Place.

The event on Sunday, March 5 let kids come get glammed up by volunteer makeup and hair artists before having a fashion show on a red carpet. Many of the volunteers were school employees.

The event was open to all ages and stages of families with special needs. The movie Sing was played on a big screen after the runway show with snacks and pink lemonade served in champagne flutes.

Participants walked down the runway and struck poses for the cameras. Guests learned the favorite animals or colors of every runway walker.

Paula Athey, host, said they had the idea for the event because even though they participate in Special Olympics events and activities not every member is interested in sports or athletic activities.

“It is important to include everybody, and make them feel special and perfect the way they are” she said.

Athey said everyone was brave to try something new. She said hopefully it will become an annual event and Warren Place had donated the venue for them to use for free.

“They helped us step it up a notch,” Athey said. “We are incredibly thankful.”