Flair for leadership: It takes emotional intelligence, skill, finesse

The other day I read a quote that made me stop and take pause. It read, “Don’t ever work for someone you don’t want to become.” Now at first glance, it makes perfect sense. Some might read that and say to themselves, “Well, of course. That’s a no-brainer. I would never do that.” At closer inspection though, how many people do we all know who work for bosses or companies who exhibit qualities that are unbecoming or downright negative?
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Education beat: Stopping the slide

Summer is a time for kids to kick back, take a break from routine, and enjoy lazy days. It also, in many cases, is when learning loss- aka “The Summer Slide” can take place. Summer setbacks are nothing new regarding academics and the phenomenon has been researched by educators since the beginning of time. On average, student achievement can decline over the summer by up to a third of a prior year’s learning gains. Loss is usually greater in mathematics than reading, and higher grade leveled students are more noticeably affected than younger learners. The summer slide can be measured in both social skills and classroom discipline, in addition to academics.
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Royals need to finally embrace their youth

Dayton Moore has always been a vocal opponent of purposefully tanking a season for his Kansas City Royals. The former general manager, who is now the team’s president, has refused to sell off his roster in order to have the worst record and nab the top pick in the following summer’s Major League Baseball draft.
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