Local woman shares story of survival after nearly dying from sepsis

September is Sepsis Awareness Month.However, for Gardner resident Tiffany Leigh Reynolds, sepsis has been with her since Thanksgiving 2022 when she almost died.“It is a monster I would not wish on anyone,” she said.It all began with a chest bite from a 3-year-old toddler she was babysitting.“I was laying on the floor tickling him, he threw his head around and got me,” she said.
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Edgerton changes city holiday schedule

The Edgerton City Council members approved the city’s holiday calendar at their September board meeting.Assistant City Administrator Meagan Borth said city staff looked at other municipalities and which holidays they observed compared to Edgerton’s current holiday calendar.
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Gardner breweries celebrate Oktoberfest

It was an intense Saturday night at Transport Brewery as men and women stared each other down, standing across from each other, with their arms outstretched, holding steins of beer.As the seconds ticked away, elbows would bend, beer would slosh, and the lines would shorten.
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